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5 Questions You Should be Asking Your Cleaners

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There’s a lot to do in your busy life. We get it. Without the ability to outsource, there’s would be no way we could continue to achieve and grow. Heck, it’s a fundamental principle of economics (comparable advantage). Home cleaning is one of those tasks that you can effectively outsource. The question is, how do I find the right cleaner without having to hire a private investigator and spend the same amount of time looking into it? With our experience, we’ve narrowed it down to the key questions you need to cover to ensure your home is safe and thoroughly cleaned for your peace of mind.


When selecting keep in mind that essentially it comes down to:

  • Can they clean well and ensure my place is habitable and looks presentable?

  • Can I trust them and will my place be secure?

  • Are they reasonable and do I like who I’m working with?

  • Is this within my budget?


To answer the above, below are the clear questions you should ask your house cleaners before they take on the responsibility of your family home.


How many years of cleaning experience do you have and from where?

8 years of cleaning experience at a commercial cleaning firm is a world of difference from 5 years spent cleaning a cleaner’s own home plus 3 years as a nanny. Ask about where they worked and you will be enlightened and much better equipped at identifying who is practically capable of making sure your residence is clean.


Do you bring your own cleaning equipment and supplies?

This should in nearly all cases be a resounding “Yes”. There’s only so much you can do with your domestic vacuum and wet wipes. For a thorough clean, cleaners need to have their own equipment and cleaning supplies to adapt to different materials and remove dirt and more difficult marks without damaging your property. It’s also a major signal that they have the necessary experience and understanding of a professional and reliable clean.


Do you conduct background checks on your staff?

There are only 3 answers to this. The first is a simple “Yes” we’ve checked and they’re cleared. The second is also acceptable, being a “Yes” and here’s what we’ve found, there’s nothing you should be worried about. The third being “No” means you need to move on to find another cleaning firm. If you decide to hire an independent cleaner, it is upon you to perform the background check and decide whether the housecleaner is eligible. Annette who runs her own cleaning firm notes that a background check is extremely important, as any cleaner will be in your private home and in most cases unattended - so you need to ensure your family and possessions are with the most trusted individuals. 


Are you insured?

Unless you’re an actuary, insurance can sound boring but this is highly important. What it really means is if your cleaner breaks something in your home then you can claim the cost of that item from their insurance company. If they’re not insured then your recourse will be to them and in many cases, they won’t have sufficient money to cover the damage.


How much do you charge?

It is advisable to go for quality other than hiring cheap house cleaners who will do a half-baked job. You don’t want to have to hire another cleaner and incur an extra cost. Find the reputation of the company before you actually hire a house cleaner from that company.


If your goal is to get the job done, flat rates are the way to go. Unless your place looks like an episode of hoarders, a reputable cleaner service will ensure that they quality clean your house, unit or apartment even if it takes them longer than expected for a fixed price.


If you want to manage your budget with more effort or only want a partial clean of an area then look at an hourly rate. Again with the hourly rate you need to make sure the cleaner is of good repute such that they won’t extend hours to increase their pay.



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