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How Outsourcing Your BnB Cleaning Increases Your Return

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Uno momento por favor. How does paying someone else generate more money? Well we’re glad you asked! Outsourcing your bed and breakfast or rented space for cleaning to a specialist is likely one of the bed decisions you’ll make this year. That and probably renting a puppy. Yes, the obvious answer is that you’ll free up time for other tasks but you have to actually do something productive with that free time and there’s a bit more to it when you unpack the more difficult parts to quantify. Let’s lay them out and we’ll let you decide for yourself.


Your home receives a thorough clean

Everyone can spot a cover-up job. We all know the difference between something of great quality and a cheaper version. Think about the last time to stayed in a well-maintained hotel compared to an average motel. It was the addition of all the minor details that meant one was a pleasurable experience and the other a temporary residence to shelter you between activities. This equally applies with home cleaning; a patch of mould here, a smudged wiped there and your abode immediately falls into the B-grade sector which means less than a five-star rating and we all know that’s death in today’s society.

And yes, we can see the thoughts of some of you reading bubbling that a quick cleaning job is adequate, especially when there is a high turnover of guests. The problem with superficial cleaning jobs, however, is that problems build over time. Guests may find icky remnants from previous stays or debris can slowly accumulate, causing issues that take longer to address in the long term. A cleaning specialist knows that reaching all the nooks and crannies is an essential part of servicing a bnb and can identify problems before they arise.


You greatly improve your guest experience

A reputable professional cleaner knows what it takes to be a super host. Letting your guests feel the difference of a hotel quality cleaning service will enhance their bnb experience, increasing your chances of receiving that all-important superior rating. Unless you’re dropshipping or running a $2 store, do you really want to be operating in the low margin and cheap quality space?

If yes, that’s fine as there are legitimate business models to serve this section of the market. If not then how on earth do you justify saving $30 - $50 each clean knowing that you’ve permanently lost a client and their lifetime value as well as the ability to scale in the long term through great word-of-mouth? We would argue that this is by far one of the most important aspects of running a successful BnB in our current society. Given how connected we all are today ratings vividly and accurately paint the successes and downfalls of hosts, so it’s important to get them right from the start. Positive peer reviews are a valuable modern currency and outsourcing your BnB clean will allow you to effortlessly build up a portfolio of raving reviews in the long term.


Your bookings increase

A mathematical function of points 1 and 2 above. Get those right and all there is left to do is watch your booking rates boom and manage. You reap what you sow and the rewards of maintaining a quality and consistent service is what will deliver the results you wanted from the start.



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