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How to Clean Your Marble Countertop in 5 Easy Steps

Marble counter with lemon tea and blue cloth


Marble countertops are beautiful. However, using them on a daily basis leaves them greasy, grimy and unhygienic. The challenge with marble is its porous and relatively sensitive nature. You need to ensure you’re using the appropriate cleaning aids and products to maintain your marble texture. Prevention and maintenance are key.


We’ll run through a step-by-step guide below but the two guiding rules are:

  1. Avoid abrasive scrubbers which can scratch the surface; and

  2. Acidic chemicals that can leave a toxic residue.


Hence, the best way to go about cleaning marble countertops is by using natural or non-harsh products and soft cleaning tools!


Here’s how to keep your marble counters sanitary and looking magnificent.


1. Clear the counter

You’re already going to clean so don’t let this seemingly big task get in your way of a thorough clean. Given how quick it is we’re surprised at how often it gets overlooked. It’s equivalent to vacuuming under a table while the chairs are in place. Use a little bit of muscle and you’ll be so much more efficient!


2. Give the counter a light pre-wipe

Lightly wipe the countertop to remove dust and debris before you dampen the surface. Why? Because jumping straight to cleaning with water or a liquid cleaner can result in smearing dust and dirt around, creating a bigger mess, especially if you haven’t cleaned in a while.


3. Make your cleaning solution

Because we’re using non-acidic liquids, you can formulate your own easy solution at home. Simply fill a spray bottle with warm water and add about a tablespoon of gentle, non-abrasive dish soap. Don't use anything with acid or lemon juice, this includes vinegar. Shake gently to mix the soap and water and voila! You can buy this as well, just be sure it’s non-acidic and made for marble.


4. Use a soft cleaning tool

Whether you choose to use a microfiber cloth or kitchen towel; make sure that it is soft or non-abrasive. Sponges are usually coarser so unless you find a very soft one, we suggest sticking with the cloth or towel for your aid. Dip your cleaning aid into the soapy solution and squeeze out some of the excess water before wiping your granite countertop from one end to the other. Pay more attention to stubborn stains by soaking them with your cleaning solution before wiping. Also, be sure to rinse out your cleaning tool as it starts to pick up dirt for a more efficient clean.


5. Wipe it dry

To avoid streaking, it’s best to dry off your freshly cleaned, marble countertops by wiping them with a soft absorbent towel. Finish off by putting your racks, holders and other items back in place and your work here is done. Simple, safe and cost-effective to maintain!


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