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Top 10 Tips to Becoming A Better Man in 2018

Philip Dormer Stanhope: Top 10 tips to becoming a better man this year


Let’s keep this as practical and useful as possible. Here goes:


1. Let small matters slide

If something bothers you but is not in the way of your goals or moral values, let it go.


2. Finish what you start

The real benefits lie at the end.


Open and hold the door for others

Men included.


If it’s pouring, offer your umbrella to the closest person to you

Theirs is nothing demeaning in the act when there’s heavy rain. A simple “might as well” offer works wonders.


Carry cash

In the foreseeable future there are still going to be numerous situations where you need cash. There are slim wallets made so you don’t compromise style. Be prepared.


Judge not

So much harder than meets the eye and we’re not afraid to admit it. The secret lies in a continuing practice and pulling your thoughts and inner prejudice back each and every time.


Buy more coffees for others

Coffee or whatever the common beverage is in your local area facilities conversation which begets relationships which underlies how we function as humans.


Change your frame of mind to “How can I help you”

Ask how you can help the next person you meet.


Lift something heavy

Get that testosterone and blood pumping. You may like it.


Firm up your core values and persevere

A reminder to ourselves.


Let us hear your thoughts on becoming a better you or your experiences below.



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