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Best House Cleaning Service in Pyrmont

Top down photo of Darling Harbour wharf



Pyrmont at a Glance


An up and coming suburb that’s been hiding right under the nose of Sydney, Pyrmont is fast becoming a multi-layered and diverse hotspot. I remember a time when Pyrmont was lesser known and only to the extent that it was a surrounding section to the casino and fish market (and even this was at times referred more to as Glebe or Ultimo). There were less high rises in Jacksons Landing and a pivotal point was the local supermarket on Harris Street (which by the way is still up and running by the same owner #localbusinesschampions).

Since then Pyrmont has been recognised as a pivotal suburb nestled in the heart of Sydney and a central location for attractions. I mean how much can you cram into Glebe Point Rd, surely some of that trendiness and those tasty restaurants must spill out into neighbouring suburbs. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing develop from Kiyo down towards Jacksons Landing to Sushi Samurai on Bunn St.

Like other inner west suburbs of Sydney, Pyrmont is gradually developing into a melting pot of cultures with an all-embracing attitude. We see more overseas renters and service providers being attracted to living here given its proximity to the city. However, it’s still surprisingly underrated given how central it is to key location icons. On one side and literally minutes away by foot is Darling Harbour which is still a well-preserved and developing location for a family day trip, casual dining or a romantic night out to watch fireworks on Saturday nights. Pass through at a leisurely pace and you’re, well, in the city or spoilt for food choices in Chinatown. Adjacent to this is the Star Casino where you can experience an extravagant night through proper dining and entertainment. Take a stroll on the other side of Pyrmont and you’ll find yourself only moments away from the iconic Sydney Fish Market, although I have to admit, it’s a lot more touristy now than it was 20 years ago (don’t try and back solve my age from this statement please). And all of this is connected by light rail; the up and running one not the part that’s taking a while to construct down George St but hey that’s a future bonus! We’re extremely curious as to what it will look like in 10 years.



Pyrmont Highlights


The Magnificent

  • Prime central and CBD location with accessibility.

  • Overlooked potential with flourishing new small businesses.

  • Relatively affordable rent given its proximity to Sydney city.

  • Relaxing walkable wharves with uninterrupted views of the city and Sydney Harbour, particularly at Darling Point.

  • Has maintained its historic features in a blend of sandstone and terraces alongside new high rises.


The Good

  • Uncrowded harbour front park with BBQ facilities.

  • Lock out laws have made it a much friendlier environment on weekends and you now have a much lower chance of encountering disturbing drunks.

  • At the time of writing this, there is a Messina tucked into the foyer of the Star with decent queues.


The Ugly

  • Would love to see new fashion boutiques flourish. St Frock recently closed their storefront (*cry*).

  • Needs more quality coffee options. Best I’ve tasted so far is at Antidote, but the lids keep leaking.


Local Tips

  • You can still find a spot to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks upon the hill above Pirrama Park. Although depending on which way the wind blows smoke may cover the Harbour Bridge after the first 10 minutes.

  • Mi Goreng along with some other daily essentials are usually cheaper at the local family supermarket and you can buy liquor there too if you don’t want to walk too far.

  • There are seats and booths available at the Star food court for a casual chat while you’re enjoying your Messina gelato! No more standing in a long train-like queue in Surry Hills only to have to stand and wolf down your chocolate fondant.

  • The Social Brew café serves generous portions for brunch.

  • There’s actually a decently priced Chinese yum cha on the top floor of the fish markets.



    Living in Pyrmont


    Cafes and Tidbits

    • Pioik Bakery; quaint and filled with delights.

    • Mug Life and Dr Doughnuts. Bonus points on names, just add some C.R.E.A.M.

    • Social Brew for your generous Sunday brunch.





    • Love Gallon's hidden courtyard which is surprisingly spacious.

    • Quarryman's Hotel (with a Rooftop section!).

    • The Terminus with its heritage architecture.

    • Peg Leg which a relatively new addition and brings its own unique style.


    Sites and Activities

    • Pirrama Park BBQ.

    • Stroll down Pyrmont Bay.

    • Party at Marquee.

    • Play, dine and relax at the Star.

    • Admire fireworks at Darling Harbour.

    • Chill at Sky Terrace at The Star.



    Living is characterised by terraces, newly built apartments and existing units.

    As at the time of writing this, the average rent for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment is $725 which is closer to $1,250 as you venture towards the north of the suburb closer to Pirrama Park.


    Nearby Neighbourhoods



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